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Nexus Support Coordination provides Support Coordination to help people living with disability and their support network to navigate the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We understand that with so many options to choose from, coordinating the best support products and services for your needs can be overwhelming. We will work with you and your support network to develop a plan that works for you. We will assist you to explore your options, develop resilience in your own network, resolve points of crisis and overcome barriers to ensure you have every opportunity to live your life the way you choose.

At Nexus Support Coordination we are passionate about person centred care. We pride ourselves on approaching you as an individual and ensuring this is reflected throughout all Nexus Support Coordination.  Our team treat each other and our participants, like a part of our extended family, as an individual, with care, respect and understanding.


We support you to navigate the NDIS and understand your options to live your life the way you choose.


We help you connect to local supports, networks and services, wherever you live.


Our holistic, person centered approach empowers you to have choice and control over the services you want, when you want them.


We assist you to succeed in achieving your goals and developing goals for your future.

Our Services

Support coordination is defined as an NDIS funded capacity building support intended to assist the participant to build the skills they need to understand, implement and use their plan.

Nexus Support Coordination will support you throughout your NDIS journey and give you the tools you need to navigate the NDIS and live your life the way you choose.

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Regional & Remote Specialists

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We Are Rural & Remote Specialists

Our dedicated team live and work in your region and we understand proximity barriers and the challenges that come with living remotely and in rural areas. Therefore, together, we know how to find the best solutions for you – its our specialty!

We Work As A Team

Giving participants the benefit of access to a variety of experience and education.

We Take A Holistic, Person Centred Approach

We look at the whole person and their supports to customise a plan that ensures a successful outcome.

We Are Independent & NDIS Registered

Ensuring no conflict of interest, and safe guarding participants as we are bound by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.


Servicing The Community

Working with Connect Support Coordination Services has been a life saver. Our Support Coordinator has helped connect us to wonderful service providers who a re a great fit for my daughter and our family. If I have any problems it helps keep my sanity to know that my Support Coordinator is just a phone call away.




Jessica and myself are getting the most outstanding support for her services from Connect Support Coordination. The girls in the office are absolutely fantastic and very helpful in every way. Nothing is a problem for them to help you out with anything at all, where it is to send emails or make phone calls on your behalf to find out information that you are unable to find, or it could just be to book appointments and be your support and sit in meetings with you to guide you through them. I am so glad that we have got Connect Support Coordination behind Jessica and our family to help us.





Initially, our NDIS plan was confusing and overwhelming. It felt as if we were just given a plan with no real support or guidance on how to use it. Having a Support Coordinator from Connect has been a huge benefit for us. It has helped reduce the stress associated with NDIS, as our Support Coordinator understands exactly how NDIS works and the challenges we could face. They have helped us understand and navigate through our plan; they have assisted with our NDIS reviews and put our plan into action by finding the best supports available to meet our goals. I would highly recommend anyone looking for some extra support to contact Connect Support Coordination.


Nolan Family



Through Connect Support Coordination I am able to understand our plan, implement the correct resources and services to assist with my child’s development and progress. This ensures that my child’s developmental needs, emotional needs as well as the physical needs and our set goals are reached and achieved.




I have three beautiful children, two with ASD. When I originally got my son Chase's NDIS plan we were in the dark on how to use it. We had never heard of Support Coordination or what it was about. Learning that it was about supporting us through the whole process from helping with going to appointments, finding out information for us, filling out forms, learning how to use the portal and understanding the plan in general has been amazing. It has made the process easier for us; especially when you are swamped under with therapy and things you have to put into practice at home. Our Support Coordinator has taken all the pressure off me allowing me to concentrate on my children and supporting them at home.


Anderson Family



The Connect Support Coordination team has been excellent at understanding our unique needs and bending over backwards to provide us with the best therapy and support options. Their guidance, advice and detailed support has been invaluable. We truly feel connected.




Having Connect Support Coordination has alleviated so much pressure, gave us hope, and developed a direction to be able to understand how to best use our NDIS plan for our son. Their support and understanding has been invaluable and the personal service and support we have received is amazing.


Corry Family



Nexus Team

Our Team

Our team of Support Coordinators and Specialist Support Coordinators have local knowledge and connections, varied and extensive experience in the disability sector and understand the unique challenges of rural remote living.

Our diverse team treat each participant and their family as individuals ensuring the best possible outcomes by connecting the participant with informal, community, mainstream and funded supports.

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